'E' Clip/Push On Fasteners to fit Shafts



Handy Paks - 'E' Clips / Push-On Fasteners

HP1A - Imperial 'E' Clip / Push-On Fasteners to fit Shafts
Imperial Push-On N1465
Imperial E-Clip N1500
N1465-0025APP Push-On Inch. 0.25"
N1465-0031APP Push-On Inch. 0.31"
N1465-0037APP Push-On Inch. 0.37"
N1465-0050APP Push-On Inch. 0.50"
N1500-X031APP E-Clip Inch. 0.31x.025"
  N1500-0025APP E-Clip Inch. 0.25x.025"
  N1500-0037APP E-Clip Inch. 0.37x.025"
  N1500-0050APP E-Clip Inch. 0.50x.042"
  HP41 - Imperial & Metric Heavy Duty Push-On to suit Shafts without Grooves
 Imperial A4115 A4115-0009ABV Push On Fix 0.093"
 & Metric D4115 A4115-0012ABV Push On Fix 0.125"
  A4115-0015ABV Push On Fix 0.156"
  A4115-0018ABV Push On Fix 0.187"
  A4115-0037ABV Push On Fix 0.375"
  A4115-0043ABV Push On Fix 0.437"
  A4115-0050ABV Push On Fix 0.500"
  A4115-0062ABV Push On Fix 0.625"
  A4115-0075ABV Push On Fix 0.750"
  A4115-0087ABV Push On Fix 0.875"
  A4115-0100ABV Push On Fix 1.000"
  D4115-0060ABV Push On Fix 6mm  
  D4115-0080AZE Push On Fix 8mm  
  D4115-0090ABV Push On Fix 9mm
  D4115-0100ABV Push On Fix 10mm
  D4115-0120AZE Push On Fix 12mm  
  D4115-0140ABV Push On Fix 14mm
  D4115-0180ABV Push On Fix 18mm