E Clips to fit Grooves


Handy Paks - 'E' Clips to fit Grooves

HP08 - Metric (Incorporates DIN 6799)
Metric HP08

Imperial HP09
D1500-0032APP E-Clip DIN6799 3.2x.6mm
D1500-0040APP E-Clip DIN6799 4x.7mm
D1500-0050APP E-Clip DIN6799 5x.7mm
D1500-0060APP E-Clip DIN6799 6x.7mm 
D1500-0070APP E-Clip DIN6799 7x.9mm
  D1500-0080APP E-Clip DIN6799 8x1mm
  D1500-0090APP E-Clip DIN6799 9x1.1mm
  D1500-0100APP E-Clip DIN6799 10x1.2mm 
  D1500-0120APP E-Clip DIN6799 12x1.3mm
  HP09 - Imperial (Incorporates BS3673 Part 2)
  N1500-0015APP E-Clip Inch. 0.15x.025"
  N1500-0018APP E-Clip Inch. 0.18x.025"
  N1500-0025APP E-Clip Inch. 0.25x.025"
  N1500-X031APP E-Clip Inch. 0.31x.025"
  N1500-0037APP E-Clip Inch. 0.37x.025"
  N1500-0043APP E-Clip Inch. 0.43x.035"
  N1500-0050APP E-Clip Inch. 0.50x.042"
  N1500-0062APP E-Clip Inch. 0.62x.042"