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Disc Springs are conical shaped annular discs which are capable of being loaded in the axial direction. Uses include: Dynamic Applications, Static load carrying and spacing, and a specially designed range for ball bearing location.
Phosphate & Oil (Standard)
Mechanical/Electro Zinc Plating
Ball Bearing Location
Disc Springs
High Carbon Steel to
BS1449 Part 1 CS70
DIN 17222 Ck 67
DIN 6796
Locking Washers
Sizes < M12:
Spring Steels including
CS 70:BS 1449 Part 1
Sizes ≥ M12:
Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel to AISI 6150
DIN 2093
Disc Springs
Heat Treatment 
Austempered to provide the optimum blend of ductility and hardness in range HRC 42-52

Download the Disc Spring Load calulator.

  • The spring characteristic (linear, positive or negative) can be engineered to a large extent by means of changing the disc spring properties (dimensions, adding slots on inside or outside, stacking, etc.)
  • Very slight spring deflections can be achieved by use of single springs.
  • Using disc springs in series, spring deflection increases, without materially affecting the forces involved.
  • They can be combined into groups of serial and parallel order in the same stack for special applications.
  • Disc springs show a symmetrical buildup of forces around the rotating axis, with this symmetry being maintained throughout the lines of the spring equally.
  • They show a circular, symmetrical transmission of forces in the exact direction of the spring axis - this being directly in contrast to actions of coil springs.
  • They permit the use of the smallest possible
    working area - this being notably in contrast to the space required to accommodate the "dead windings" of a coil spring.
  • Disc springs are characterized by high forces resulting from moderate spring deflections - in direct contrast to other spring types.


Dynamic Applications
Shock Absorbing,
Press Tool spring return,
Clutch torque limiting and providing resilience to axial loading in shaft assemblies
Automatice quick tool changer (CNC Machines)

Static Load Carrying and Spacing
Hinge Stiffeners,
Locking washers under bolt heads.
Contril Valve
Safety Valve
Torque converter
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