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Circlips were developed over 60 years ago as a cost saving alternative to fastening such as machined collars on shafts or washer and pin assemblies and still offer the same benefits of a single fastening mechanism by reducing material waste and the number of components. However, today there are many variations to the basic Internal and External types; developed out of the special needs of the consumer for various strength and design characteristics.

Types of Circlips  
Basic Types
Radial Assembly
Compensating Axial Play
Snap Rings
Push-on Fix/Grip
Plain Wire

Materials & Finishes

Formerly                             Beneri


 Basic Types

Classic Circlips / Retaining Rings


The universally applicable rings for shafts and bores
• Applications in all branches of industry and machine, instrument and vehicle construction. 
 Metric D1400   Metric Heavy Duty D1460
 Imperial N1400   Imperial Heavy Duty N1460
 Metric D1300
 Imperial N1300


Inverted Circlips
With a small radial height. Simultaneously transferring axial forces and serving as a radial guidance
Applications • In designs with low clearance • Fixing of needle roller bearings, seals, etc. 
 Metric M1408
 Imperial N1408

 Metric M1308
 Imperial N1308


Increased Abutment Rings
With equally distributed lugs around the circumference suitable for covered applications
Applications • Retention of machine parts with large edge off-sets, chamfers or radii, for example roller bearings. 
 Metric D2100

 Metric D2000


Handy Paks 

Stainless Circlips Metric Internal / External HP20

External Circlips Metric HP05HP05L
Imperial HP06

Internal Circlips
Metric HP02HP02L
Imperial HP03


Radial Assembly

Crescent Rings
In keeping with the principle of a single radial assembly 'E' ring. Large clasp angle.
Applications • For retaining inner pin bushes in articulated joints • In sprocket chains  
 Metric M1800
 Imperial N1800
'E' Clips
The universally used radially assembled circlip for shafts. The groove is gripped by 3 tabs.
Applications • Vehicle construction • Optical and electronic industry • Light mechanical industry 
  Metric D1500
 Imperial N1500

Applications • Vehicle construction • Optical and electronic industry • Light mechanical industry
 Reinforced 'E' Clips
 Imperial N1540

Handy Paks 

'E' Clips
Metric HP08
Imperial HP09

'E' Clip /
Push-On Fasteners

Imperial HP1A

Compensating Axial Play

Bevelled Circlips

As classic rings, however offering more application possibilities due to the bevel effect to compensate for axial tolerances.
Applications • Gearing / Transmission,wheel bearings • Vehicle construction • Machine construction
 Imperial N1302


Snap Rings

Snaprings DIN 5417 
For shafts. The inner edges are radiussed for fixing of roller bearings with a groove and outer ring.
Applications • Roller bearing to DIN 616 
 Metric M3200

For shafts and bores with
small clearance.
Applications • Gear box construction • Retention of bearings and seals 
 Metric M2400

 Metric M2300

Push-on Fix/Grip

Grip Rings
High clamping force for a play-free retention on shafts without a groove. Easily removable, self locking grip rings.
Applications • Use for shafts without a groove • For locating and fixing • As a slide-ring for brake adjustment 
 Metric M1440
 Imperial N1440

Heavy Duty Push-On Fix
Strengthened version of the toothed clip, transmitting relatively high axial forces.
Applications • Fixing of switches and indicator lamps • For office machines and household devices • Optical and electronic industry 
 Metric D4115
 Imperial A4115

Toothed Clips
Concentric design.
Small radial height,
for use against
softer materials.
Applications • Shafts and bores without groove and of low depth • In optical devices • Fixing seals 
 Imperial N1305

 Metric M1465
 Imperial N1465

Handy Paks 

'E' Clip /
Push-On Fasteners 


Push-On Fix Clips
Imperial & Metric HP41

Plain Wire

Plain Wire Rings
Round cross section wire rings, cold worked spring steel. Especially suited for semi-circular grooves.

  • Retention of Gudgeon pins
  • Transmission and vehicle contruction
  • Metal forming industry

 MApplications • Retention of gudgeon pins • Transmission and vehicle construction • Metal forming industryetric External DIN7993 RW
 Metric Internal DIN7993 RB



Imperial A1000 (Discontinued)

Special Wire Rings
For shafts
Special Wire Rings 
 Imperial A1200

 Imperial A1100

Support Washers, Shims

Shims DIN 988
A rigid means of reducing axial play caused by manufacturing tolerances. Stepwise thickness combination.
Applications • Compensation of axial play • Machine construction • Vehicle construction

 Metric Shims

Support Washers
DIN 988

Manufactured from spring steel, hardness HRC 44-49. Larger sizes with ground faces.
Applications • Between components with large radiussed edges and retaining rings. To create a true abutment
 Metric Support Washers


Materials & Finishes

Standard production material Spring Steel to DIN17221, DIN 17222 or DIN 17223. For high temperature applications or where superior corrosion resistance is required, Stainless Steel DIN 1.4122 (KSF), PH15.7MO (BDS) and A2/304 (DSF) grade is available.

Rings are generally supplied with a phosphate and oil coating, giving adequate corrosion resistance during the stocking period.

For extra corrosion resistance a mechanical zinc plating protection is recommended, applied with various passivations to give ti required salt spray resistance and without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.


Standard Finish
Carbon Spring Steel

DIN 17221, DIN 17222, DIN 17223, SAE 1060-1090

Phosphate APP

Stainless Steel (Metric circlips)

DIN 1.4122 Self finish KSF
Stainless Steel (Metric circlips) 304 (A2) Self finish DSF
Stainless Steel (Imperial circlips) PH15.7MO Self finish



Finish Description Salt Spray Colour
Phoshate Standard finish improves shelf life - Black


Trivalent Trivalent Chromate Zinc & clear sealer. 6mic 96 red/240 white Silver AZE
Zinc Dichromate Zinc & Yellow Chromate 96 red Gold AZG
Holly Metal Zinc & Tin alloy, superior protection 1000 red Silver AHM